King-Vaughan is one of the 30 new electoral districts created this year to ensure fair representation to population. The district consists of the populist urban area of Maple and the vast, mostly rural area of King Township. Please see the map below for a detailed view of the King Vaughan electoral district.

Two years ago we formed the King Vaughan Federal Green Party Electoral District Association with Ann Raney as our first candidate.

Our policies are guided by six key values – ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, nonviolence, respect for diversity and sustainability. See our updated policy document Vision Green.

Please help us elect Ann Raney as King Vaughan’s first MP! You can help by donating, volunteering or requesting a lawn sign.

Ann Raney – Candidate

Since Ann Raney was a child, she has possessed the desire, courage, and determination to do the right thing. In addition to her career as an Engineering Consultant, she has volunteered her time as a caregiver, coach and community leader.

After studying metallurgy at Queen’s University, Ann worked in the design and manufacture of satellite components. Later, she obtained her master’s degree and engineering licence.

Ann’s experience has mostly been in contracting and consulting engineering in the area of historical restoration. Ann has also worked in palliative care, visited seniors, and volunteered for a distress phone line. She was a Chair of Neighbourhood Watch, a counsellor for at-risk youth, and a soccer coach.

Ann knows mitigation of climate change is paramount and that because of the unpredictably ahead, for all Canadians, the economy must become sustainable, resilient, and robust. Ann considers the Green Party to have the most sensible policies to improve the quality of life for all Canadians. She also believes that together we must strengthen our democracy, and restore Canadians’ respect and influence as humanitarians, fair dealers, and brokers of peace.

Ann values integrity, which she lives by and sees in Elizabeth May and the Green Party. As a Green MP, Ann will always be free to vote in the best interests of her constituents and to stand up, speak out, and see that the right thing is done for them and future generations.
She and her husband enjoy hiking, cycling, and paddling throughout Canada and have volunteered abroad with Habitat for Humanity.