Ann Raney participated in the King Township/Region of York Tree Planting And Recognition Ceremony at the rear of the King Township Municipal offices on September 25th, 2019.

Training was provided by LEAF staff and residents and schools were invited to come, be educated and then plant a tree. Those attending were also given the opportunity to take home a native plant to add to King’s green canopy.

Participants were shown the proper way to plant a small tree or shrub then asked to take a shovel, a plant and use their skills just learned to plant one of the available native species. Part of the learning included learning the proper depth to plant the root ball and how to ruffle up the outside roots so the plant can better survive the planting process; then how to use mulch to protect the plant from weeds and other pests.

Seeing Ann swinging a shovel was a refreshing sight and showed that a politician can actually do useful work!

Ann was accompanied by her faithful dog, Tobi, who assisted with the fertilizing.