1. The Green Party plans to bring the budget to balance by 2023.

2. The Green Party’s fully costed and reviewed budget by the PBO. They sent details of 23 items that were then costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office more than any other party. The NOP had the PBO cost only 3 of their budget items.

3. The Greens were the only party in 2015 that had a plan and discussed the costs and problems that a universal single-payer pharmacare would solve.

4. Currently, the Canadian electrical grid has 64.5% of it produced by renewable energy and 80.5% is generated emissions-free.  At this time then, only 19.5% of it has to switch to renewable energy and as the Greens plan, should we build an east-west energy grid, hydro-rich provinces like Manitoba and Quebec can then
easily share their excess energy with neighbouring Canadian provinces. Over time, 100% of the energy grid in Canada would become renewable energy.  Because the source of renewable energy is free (sun, wind, tide, earth’s crust temperature, etc), electricity produced this way is much cheaper.

5. Changing our society to a low then a no emissions economy will not be difficult or even noticeable for most Canadians. There must be great care taken to ensure job security for those in the fossil fuel industry but most everyone in King­ Vaughan will feel the benefits of cleaner air, faster, safer, more efficient public transit, plugging in a car instead of filling the tank, cheaper electricity, and more efficiently heated homes, food that is locally grown will be more available, where possible, there will be walking and cycling infrastructure to get to local markets and transit or just to town, there will be quiet and clean electric buses in rural areas…..and the economy will be in step with the fossil fuel free global economy, with Canada’s innovation and businesses taking full advantage of the fast growing markets and demands.

6. The Greens carbon pricing plan is called Carbon Fee and Dividend and it is revenue neutral to the government.  A carbon fee is levied at the source (well head, mine, or port of entry) and the money collected is then divided evenly to all Canadians and returned to them by a cheque. This plan may be revenue neutral to the government but it will disproportionately benefit lower income Canadians and compensate any increase in costs passed on to individual Canadians as consumers.  This is a market driven system to encourage a cleaner economy and has been touted by leading economists as the most efficient and effective way to move industry and businesses away from fossil fuels.  It would have been better of course to have implemented such a system decades ago and move slowly and gently, however we are up against a tight timeline which has been determined by global science and thus other methods such as regulation and public spending will have to be implemented to meet the window of opportunity to save a liveable
future for our children…It bears repeating that the Greens plan for a balanced budget in 2023.

7. The Green Party and its candidates like Ann Raney here in King-Vaughan, are totally committed to protecting the environment, Canadians, our economy, and working together to do so.  Greens also recognize Canada’s commitments  on the world stage. Some years ago, Canada committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of which there are 17.  The Green Party Platform identifies those goals throughout their platform.   Eliminating poverty is just  one of them. Poverty is costly both economically and in human cost. Canada is a rich first world nation and our governments  have committed to eliminating  poverty in Canada several times.  It is difficult to summarise all the details of the Greens’  plan that address the environment,  affordability, fair taxes,  indigenous peoples, jobs  and training, etc


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