Ann Raney MScE, PEng
Your 2019 Green Party Candidate for King-Vaughan

Green Candidates and Ann Raney want to provide GOOD GOVERNANCE, which means:

1. Parliamentarians who work together with respect and make decisions by consensus.
2. Parliamentarians whose motivation is to serve.
3. Parliamentarians who work on behalf of their constituents (not parties, not lobby groups).
4. No more politicking or campaigning between writs.
5. Integrity, ethics, fairness, and transparency.
6.  Respecting proven peer reviewed science and enacting policy accordingly (meet IPPC 2030, 2050 targets)
7. Respecting the Supreme Court and the traditions and procedures of our Parliament.
8. Long-term thinking for future generations.
9 Frequent, clear, open and honest communication.
10.  Partnership with Indigenous Peoples and Nations, happy and healthy Canadians, no discrimination, a strong and resilient economy, no poverty, taking responsibility to protect non-human life, water, air, and the land, respect in the world, and a Canada of which we can be proud.