Press Release
June 21, 2021 – Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Indigenous Peoples make wonderful contributions to Green Party of Canada

The Indigenous Peoples Advisory Circle (IPAC) a small band of Indigenous Green Party members is presenting an opportunity to all GPC members to support policy motions designed by Indigenous peoples. Three policy motions were sent forth to the GPC Policy process for consideration, and eventually for voting on. IPAC is presenting those 3 motions in this release, so members can view them directly.

In recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, June 21st, IPAC presents these policy proposals to GPC members in an effort to support greater inclusion of Indigenous peoples within GPC structures. In addition, IPAC is hoping to contribute to the growing body of GPC Indigenous Policy, and create greater awareness of Indigenous peoples
within the GPC. These proposals, are intended to guide a Green Government in its work to make Canada a better place for all. “This effort on behalf of us at IPAC, is a significant contribution to the party’s betterment,” said Bruce Weaver. Lorraine Rekmans, IPAC member called this undertaking a huge step forward for Indigenous members, who are formally engaging in the policy process to help shape the party.

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